Rob Hannah: Ways to Enjoy Water Activities in Chicago This Summer

Summer is coming and that means that it’s time to get back on the water in Chicago. There are many fabulous ways to enjoy the water, even if you don’t own your own boat. Here are a few suggestions for ways to get more from your summer in the area.

First, if you’re going to enjoy the water, you should have some water safety. You can become certified in boat safety at many levels from a location like the Chicago Yacht Works with Rob Hannah. They offer classes to get your boating license, to learn about coastal cruising and night navigation, to learn about navigation and radio usage and more. Look for a location that is US Power-boating and IYT accredited and certified and make sure that their classes come with certifications. At Rob Hannah’s location, for instance, the certifications can help you to reduce your insurance costs and to charter vessels both in the US and abroad.

If you own a boat already, or are hoping to purchase one, you’ll need to think about your storage facility. Look for a facility that has computer controlled heating storage, a great location for your needs, and plastic coverage for protection in the winter. Ask the crew how much experience they have with moving, blocking and shoring power and sailboats. Make sure, as well, that they have video and physical security at the location 24/7.

These are just a few of the suggestions for helping you to have a great time on the water this summer. You can certainly also take lessons in water skiing, you can rent jet skis, and you can enjoy the water in so many other ways.